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Our Process

We exceed expectations in quality, innovation & service.

Choosing a trusted feeder supplier is a critical step as you are deciding on a long-term partnership. Whether you’re looking for a system rework, equipment support, repeat builds, or preventative maintenance, VTR’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to customer service sets us apart. We offer on-site assessments of your production needs prior to work being completed to ensure the proper support is always made available.

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Initial Discovery

Meet our experienced team of Sales and Applications professionals who will support you from project discovery, conception and through final quoting.

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Design Phase

Our in-house design team uses 3D SolidWorks to customize your system, designing it from the ground up to develop it according to your requirements & specs.

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Production Phase

Our dedicated team of machinists work vigorously to manufacture each individual component according to your approved design. All fabrication is done in-house in Grimsby, Ontario.

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Kitting & Quality Inspection

During the kitting stage, every purchased or machined component is verified against the BOM and drawing for accuracy prior to staging. The Quality team ensures nothing is missed and performs thorough audits throughout the entire project life cycle in production until shipping.

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Wiring & Programming

Electrical, Controls & Robotics

Our in-house UL certified Controls team is responsible for wiring panels and temporary escapements. The team programs each system from start to finish, including detailed robotic simulations for higher scope projects.

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Assembly & Shipping

Every component is hand assembled to ensure perfect fit and finish. Any rework is captured live throughout the debugging process to ensure repeats maintain the same standards. Quality control is our top priority, and each system is tested exhaustively.

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Project planning & controlling

Administration & Project Management

The VTR Admin & Project Management team manages daily operations and projects from design to shipment. Throughout the project, our team will be in communication with you on a regular basis, providing updates and photos as progress is made. With access to our scheduling software, you can monitor updates and track the progress of your project with detailed milestones in real time.

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parts & service

Ongoing Support

At VTR, we follow the project through until delivery to ensure start up runs smoothly and the system is running per specification as it did while at our facility. We will also touch base while your system is in production. We keep critical parts stocked to reduce down times & are available 24/7/365 for support.

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Invest with confidence.

We have invested heavily in R&D in the niche industry of automated feeding & sorting solutions, becoming North America’s largest parts feeding company. We are industry experts with hundreds of highly productive systems currently in operation globally. Let’s chat and see how we can be of help.

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