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Assembly and Shipping Team

Although they are a little camera shy, our Tool Makers in assembly take over the project once the system has been designed, procured, and kitted by each sub-assembly. Each piece is hand assembled for perfect fit and finish, ensuring we exceed our quality expectations. Every part type is tested exhaustively to guarantee optimal feeding capabilities and to ensure the design comes to life. The Tool Maker will redline any improvements made to the design during debug, which is updated live, captured for final documentation, and archived for future builds.

Once each system is powered, our Testing team runs the equipment for two hours to ensure successful debugging & initial testing is complete. Then, our team conducts a minimum four-hour pre-FAT and four-hour FAT with the customer. We then run the equipment for another hour at minimum during final documentation. The higher the risk on the project, the more run time each system receives and may include overnight runs as needed. During the pre-FAT and FAT, the equipment is run using virgin product to simulate production as closely as possible. Once the equipment passes testing and is powered down, the Quality Assurance team thoroughly cleans it before it is prepared for transport. The equipment is shipped on sturdy skids made by VTR, securely wrapped, and tied down for dedicated travel. VTR works with a local supplier for special crating when shipping internationally by air or boat. 

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