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Functionality Planning & Renderings

Full Time Design Team

Our full-time design team builds each project from the ground up to develop each system. Throughout the project lifecycle, a footprint approval is issued to ensure the general arrangement fits within your plant layout, followed by a detailed approval package for you to see each individual component that makes up your robust equipment. During our design reviews we discuss risk, potential failure modes, and areas of improvement to ensure you are satisfied with your equipment. What you see in the model is exactly what is provided upon delivery. Paired with our skilled tool makers and machinists, the team has developed standard components to simplify design and reduce deliveries with stocked components. Each project is reviewed internally with team leads and Quality Inspection to ensure the customer's and VTR's standards are adhered to prior to cutting metal. At the close of each project, a thorough review is conducted one final time to ensure all changes are reflected in the model to ensure you receive the exact same piece of kit (POK) for future, repeat builds.

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